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Our dedicated team of professionals is here to identify your requirements, come up with possible resources and assist you in the process of fundraising.

Marketing Team

Mohammad Imran


Warisha Naz


Bakhtawar Adnan


Adarsh Rajput


Mohammad Imran

Marketing Director

Mohammad Imran, is an information systems graduate from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. He has always helped people since he was a child, as helping others was one of the most important values taught to him by his parents. He faced many developments in his life that led him to understand moral obligation toward humanity. This led to a more comprehensive approach to responding to calamities around the world hence he started campaigns to support the beneficiaries from his local community. The turning point for him was the Earthquake of 2008 when in Pakistan which destroyed two villages and affected many areas within a 70 miles radius. The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.4 on the scale. There were 215 casualties, 200 injured and 120,000 were displaced without a house or a shelter. Many houses were destroyed and there was a severe food shortage in the affected areas. He campaigned with one of his friends and decided to respond with food packages to the affected people in Pakistan. They raised funds and prepared food packages to get shipped through a nonprofit organization that assisted them throughout, and they were successfully able to provide a month’s ration to 4500 families affected by this unfortunate Natural Disaster.  He looked at our slogan “We are the Bridge” and felt that he belonged here. Being involved with nonprofits and helping in fulfilling unmet funding needs is a strong step to serving humanity at large. This has become his mission as it is critical to seize the right opportunities at the right time. Most NGOs are unaware of the grants that are available to them, and that all they have to do is reach out to the funders that are assisting them in due time. At Nerdz, they are a group of professionals who are dedicated to serving these nonprofits to make the process of searching for funders, applications, and content for the grants easier by connecting potential funders with non-profit organizations. They also maintain the relationships between funders and grantees to attain long-term development and measurable social impact.

Warisha Naz

Media Director

Warisha Naz is a biotechnology graduate and a certified grant writer. She has multiple certifications in nonprofit grant writing, grant seeking, digital marketing, Social media Management, and Content writing,  She is pursuing a career in Writing. Growing up, her mentors described her as “curious” and “unsettled”, because of her annoying habit of questioning everything. This habit has played a huge role in what she is today and has sparked her interest in writing so she can become a voice for the people. Warisha discovered her interest in writing at an early age. She started writing short stories as a kid in school and received appreciation from her teachers and peers, which gave her the confidence she needed to write more. By the time she reached college, she had already started her career in writing. It wasn’t just a job for her, it was a way to truly express herself, put all the ideas she had into words, and highlight topics that needed attention. As an adult, she understood the gruesome realities of this world and her hobby now has turned into her passion. Everywhere she looked, she found people suffering. There is poverty, hunger, water shortage, unfair treatment of women, lack of education, lack of resources, and diseases around us. So, she decided to use her passion for writing to raise awareness and become a voice for the people who are facing these challenges in life. She believes everyone deserves a chance to explore life and live the fullest adventures life offers. She has stood up for the deserving children of the world, and their right to education, clean water, and better life. She realized, we have to do something instead of standing silent for these suffering masses. Warisha wants to use her writing to voice and paint the picture of the unfortunate reality people have to live every day so we can have a better understanding of the circumstances poverty brings to human life. We can provide monetary or material help to make their lives better but sometimes empathy and dignified language are needed for morality. She has highlighted the importance and need for education for children who can break the cycle of poverty and change the course of their generation.  Moreover, she is passionate about women’s empowerment, women’s rights, and equality in treatment around the world. We understand research for unmet funding needs and match your organization to a funder. What makes her stand out is her curiosity to learn more and focused research to get a better match with a funder according to the organization’s needs.

Bakhtawar Adnan


Bakhtawar, 20, has been working in the Research and Development team at Nerdz since the start of February 2022. She has completed her O & A levels from a prestigious institution. Her majors included Economics and Business Studies. She chose these subjects as she always had a profound knowledge of them. Moreover, they sparked her interest levels, and areas like the economy as well as the operational business environment fascinate her.
She considers herself to be a charitable individual, being the first to take a step toward anyone who requires her assistance. That includes her family, friends, colleagues, individuals, and animals in need. She holds an adamant belief in the fact that humans require help from one another at every step of their journey. This, alongside the fact that she loves helping people, is why she volunteers to be of assistance whenever my help is required. Moreover, she possesses a friendly personality that allows people to reach out to her with ease.
Working at Nerdz has allowed her to uplift her potential to a great extent. As she says “The working environment has acted as the green signal towards self-improvement as an individual by learning through one’s mistakes and changing for the better, professionally and privately”.
She expresses tremendous gratitude for being able to work with hard-working, kind, and dedicated individuals at Nerdz, and she is thrilled to be a part of all future endeavors.

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    Adarsh Rajput


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    Feasibility Audit

    The feasibility audit aims to carry out top to bottom examination to decide the limit concerning future hierarchical and program development along with figuring out the distinguishing fitting execution systems.

    It includes:

    Board Development / Training

    We extend our support in the training and development of the board and its members to provide them an insight into fundraising, leadership learning, and the engagement process.

    The development procedure includes:

    Our Values

    // The Nerdz can be a perfect assistant once we have a better insight into your organization’s:
    // We work closely with your organization to create strategic designs for a better understanding of your requirements to conclude:
    // Once done with our initial phase, Nerdz moves on to providing you with a written proposal featuring:
    // We believe in establishing a successful relationship with our clients by assisting them in achieving their ambition and goals.

    Our Strategy

    To create a long-term organizational strategic plan, we focus on understanding a nonprofit’s mission and goals first, before we work on their advancement and growth.

    Our Mission

    To foster practice-based innovation by offering resources to organizations dedicated to improving lives, sustaining communities, Innovation, and research-based concepts to improve life.

    Our Vision

    Nerdz is devoted to fostering practice-based innovation by offering resources to organizations dedicated to improving lives and sustaining communities.

    A bridge between grantors and grantees. Our objective is to lend a hand to the organization and support its charitable mission by assisting them through the fundraising process.

    Our Approach

    Our team is available to assist your non-profit in its philanthropic mission by providing the services needed to secure good funding opportunities.

    We use an analytical approach to ensure our work delivered is satisfactory and brings out the best in your nonprofit. Our approach is to keep in sight your specific needs and background to help you in achieving your target.