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Nonprofit AF – Exploring the fun and frustrations of nonprofit work

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    Feasibility Audit

    The feasibility audit aims to carry out top to bottom examination to decide the limit concerning future hierarchical and program development along with figuring out the distinguishing fitting execution systems.

    It includes:

    Board Development / Training

    We extend our support in the training and development of the board and its members to provide them an insight into fundraising, leadership learning, and the engagement process.

    The development procedure includes:

    Our Values

    // The Nerdz can be a perfect assistant once we have a better insight into your organization’s:
    // We work closely with your organization to create strategic designs for a better understanding of your requirements to conclude:
    // Once done with our initial phase, Nerdz moves on to providing you with a written proposal featuring:
    // We believe in establishing a successful relationship with our clients by assisting them in achieving their ambition and goals.

    Our Strategy

    To create a long-term organizational strategic plan, we focus on understanding a nonprofit’s mission and goals first, before we work on their advancement and growth.

    Our Mission

    To foster practice-based innovation by offering resources to organizations dedicated to improving lives, sustaining communities, Innovation, and research-based concepts to improve life.

    Our Vision

    Nerdz is devoted to fostering practice-based innovation by offering resources to organizations dedicated to improving lives and sustaining communities.

    A bridge between grantors and grantees. Our objective is to lend a hand to the organization and support its charitable mission by assisting them through the fundraising process.

    Our Approach

    Our team is available to assist your non-profit in its philanthropic mission by providing the services needed to secure good funding opportunities.

    We use an analytical approach to ensure our work delivered is satisfactory and brings out the best in your nonprofit. Our approach is to keep in sight your specific needs and background to help you in achieving your target.